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About Me

About IGCSE Mathematics & Admiral General Aladeen Wadia

IGCSE Mathematics was created by me, Aladeen Wadiya, a teacher with more than 15 years of experience teaching IGCSE, IB & A levels physics and mathematics, at Wadiya International School in Sri lanka. I have taught IB Physics and all levels of high school mathematics. I studied post-graduate physics at the University of Wadia, where I obtained both my B.Sc. and MSc.

I sincerely hope these PDF-Answers will be helpful to crack IGCSE Extended Mathematics. I put a great deal of effort into making them as clear as possible and finding a balance between being concise while also being thorough enough to raise flags on common mistakes, and making a bit of time for occasional intriguing digressions.

Currently, I'm on a mission to make the solution of IGCSE International Mathematics & other IGCSE Mathematics edition PDF-Answers. I also build Interactive websites for solving MCQs of IGCSE, IB & A levels to crack the exam question and learn them in the shortest possible way before the exam. Lastly, but most importantly, my wife and I are raised, wonderful kids.